FARETE 2022 Fair, Bologna 7 | 8 September
Med Food had the pleasure of presenting its latest innovation at Farete: the Med Food Cardboard Cooler, a combination of innovation, sustainability and well-being, an equation for progress.
Med Food’s cardboard refrigerators are real Eco-compatible refrigerated displays: their display structure is infact entirely made of cardboard, a recyclable material at the end of use, guaranteeing respect for the environment and at the same time lower energy expenditure throughout the production chain (zero welding, zero sheet metal production, zero use of plexiglas or glass). It also eliminates the costs due to logistical risks: you will never be able to break it! IT’S SIMPLY PAPER!
And it’s super easy to use, transport and assemble! The exhibition structure folds up and occupies a space similar to an architect’s folder. Lightweight, it can be transported from one place to another and is very easy to assemble (simpler than a boxed game!) And in 5 steps the fridge is ready to be turned on!
For info: mailto: info@frigoriferi.petitforestier.com